Modern Office Spaces

Comcen can offer you the correct planning of a work-space to maximise capacity and produce a work friendly, safe environment.

Once your objectives have been analysed your space will be designed to be efficient and effective based upon operational and aesthetic requirements, as well as your financial considerations. 

We can source a variety of office seating, desking, storage, shelving, trolleys, as well as us offering a selection of delivery services to match your needs.

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Modern Office Furniture

Meet Emma - Commissioned by Fellowes as the 'work colleague of the future'

In Britain, we spend eight years of our entire lives sitting down - this is going to change our entire appearance. Emma is a life-sized representation of how we could look in 20 years’ time:

  • Emma has a permanently bent back because of the way she's been sitting at her workstation.
  • The muscles in her legs are much weaker.
  • Her eyes are redder because of the quality of the air.
  • She has more nose hair, more ear hair, she has a swollen nose.
  • She's much more stressed so therefore we'll see the stress related to eczema on her arms.
  • Emma has kind of sallow skin because she's been in artificial light for so many years.
  • Many of the problems she has are permanent.

 It is too late for Emma...

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Employee and Customer Safety... 
after lockdown

We have been thinking about employee and customer safety after lockdown and how social distancing and increased hygiene could be implemented.

There are a number of great products available such as:

  • Temperature screening kiosks
  • Hand sanitiser network Android advertising displays
  • Desk and counter dividers
  • Infoboards
  • Queue dividers
  • Heavy duty screens
  • ... and more!
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Nicola Cox

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Account Manager

"Creating a modern workspace can increase productivity for your workforce and create the right impression for your customers. We continuously research the latest trends in contemporary work spaces and can offer full service from design to completion, for new offices or to refurb existing office. Additionally, we understand IT infrastructure, hardware and software specifications, storage and audio visual requirements when considering your office transformation."

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Modern Furniture Benefits:
  • Design your working environment to improve employee productivity.
  • Choose good ergonomics for wellbeing, health and comfort.
  • Enable clear and positive thinking with noise reducing desk mounted screens.
  • Organise your work space with complementary storage.
  • Our choice of cable management gadgets can ensure a trip free workspace.
  • Finally, showcase your contemporary company and boost customer first impressions.

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