Lifecycle IT

Comcen delivers complex IT solutions, simply, but our services don’t end at the point of sale.

Our IT Asset Lifecycle Management (ITALM) is designed to increase your organisation’s productivity by helping you to make informed decisions on your IT needs and services at all stages of the cycle. 

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Avoiding Landfill

Extending your investment

We aim to extend the life-cycle of your investment and minimise the risks that outdated technology can have on your business productivity. Our simple model can reduce complexity by guiding you at every stage.

We can consider updates, maintenance, sustainability and environmental compliance while you focus on driving business growth.

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Lifecycle IT Benefits:
  • You can work with our IT consultants to plan your IT/AV strategy, considering the whole cycle of your investment, reducing complexity and minimising the impact that outdated IT can have on your business.
  • We can test your investment by ensuring your IT is configured out of the box with all the software your business heavily relies on.
  • Lifecycle IT can save your team time because we are able to offer additional services such as delivery, deployment and the removal of all the redundant packaging.
  • A strong Lifecycle IT plan will extend the value of your assets through continued contracts such as maintenance, updates and upgrades.
  • At the end of the life-cycle, when the unit needs to be decommissioned, we can offer full recycling services to ensure your technology is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) is regulated to reduce the amount of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) incinerated or sent to landfill sites. Reduction is achieved through various measures to encourage the recovery, reuse and recycling of products and components.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

IT Asset Lifecycle Management (ITALM)

Takes the complexity out of managing and supporting your IT assets.



Streamline your entire IT procurement process. Comcen is a one-stop-shop for any technology asset with multiple warehouses and configuration options available.



We understand that you need to keep working without interruption and your IT staff need to minimise desk visits and migration issues. Our end-to-end service simplifies the entire deployment process.



Our post deployment support offers a wide-range of preventative and as-needed maintenance plans which ensure your assets and infrastructure are managed and operate efficiently.



The last stage is not the end of our lifecycle solution. Comcen responsibly remove assets from the environment while safeguarding your company data.

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