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Our consultants can offer various means for demonstrating new technology, from visiting showrooms to organising trial periods...

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Choosing the right technology can be a complicated process. Our AV consultants will provide you with the information you need to compare and contrast various solutions but there is nothing like a demo to verify your decision. 

Our Comcen consultants can organise various means for demonstrating new technology, from visiting brand showrooms, to organising a two-week trial period so that you can use the technology on-site and measure the new innovations against real business scenarios.

Additionally, you could choose to invite a number of brands to your premises for a Technology Open Day. This will enable more of your end-users to watch the demonstration and provide valuable feedback on each option. Why not open this up to your other sites, partners or other districts? 

Keep up with the tech-curve 

Our consultants can organise various ways for you and your team to try out new technology:



We can organise webinars with your favourite manufacturers.

Onsite Demonstrations

On-site Demos

We can attend your meetings along with suppliers and demo kits.

Off-site Demonstrations

Off-site Demos

We can organise visits to distributor showrooms.

Technology Open Days

Tech Open Days

We can organise on-site open days with numerous suppliers and the latest tech.



Visit exhibitions and compare the latest innovations with our AV and IT consultants.


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AV Consultant

"The decision-making process for AV strategy is complicated but getting it right can offer your organisation many benefits. Involving end-users in the process can help pinpoint AV requirements now, in the future and across departments. Organising a technology open day can enable your key employees to watch demonstrations of different technological solutions so that all attendees can ask questions, make comparisons and put the solutions into context. In my experience, end users involved with AV demos proactively use the equipment, maximising the investment and also provide positive feedback on the benefits, such as increased productivity, improved services for their customers and happier employees."   

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