Hardware and upgrades

Older PCs can make employees 29% less productive.

Investing in the right tech is imperative for business growth and competitive advantage.

Comcen can deliver a comprehensive selection of hardware from desktop to server environments, as well as being your mid-range systems connection.

Hardware includes peripherals, printers, components, computing and storage and networking. This includes a full product range: desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, phones, servers, routers, switches, memory, monitors, keyboards, printers, and more.

There is so much to think about and so many brands and products to choose from, finding your way through the huge choice of hardware can seem challenging.

Matching specifications against your business needs so that the solution is scalable for future growth is essential, to ensure that you won’t waste money on technology that will become obsolete in six months’ time.

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Older PCs increase operating costs

Older PCs
increase operating costs

Older PCs reduce business profitability

Older PCs
reduce business profitability

Older PCs reduce employee productivity

Older PCs
reduce employee productivity

Older PCs are less secure

Older PCs
are less secure

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Future-Proofing with DELL

DELL can provide you with infrastructure that supports both traditional and modern workloads.

Dell Technologies is committed to transforming businesses, shaping the future of innovation and developing technologies to drive human progress.

Find out more about the Dell Latitude Family of Laptops, Dell PowerEdge Servers, Free Live Optics and Dell EMC PowerStore. 

Find Out More About The New Dell Portfolio

DELL Latitude
Hardware Upgrade Benefits:
  • Scalable solutions for future growth.
  • Quicker loading times improve your web performance.
  • Faster processing improves your business productivity.
  • Better technology will increase staff morale and retention.
  • Increasing your productivity will save you money.
  • Digital transformation will make your business more competitive.

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