Hardware and upgrades

Investing in the right tech is imperative for business growth and competitive advantage.

According to a survey by Intel and J. Gold Associates, employees can waste up to 11 hours per year waiting for an older PC to start up. Plus, older PCs can make employees 29% less productive.

There is so much to think about and so many brands and products to choose from, finding your way through the huge choice of hardware can seem challenging.

Matching specifications against your business needs so that the solution is scalable for future growth is essential, to ensure that you won’t waste money on technology that will become obsolete in six months’ time.

Comcen can deliver a comprehensive selection of hardware from desktop to server environments, as well as being your mid-range systems connection. This includes a full product range: network solutions, desktops, laptops, servers, routers, switches, control panels, screens, printers, copiers and more.

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Our product range:

Network Solutions

Routers, switches


Along with monitors, keyboards, mice accessories


Battery- or AC-powered personal computers

Control Panels

Control your message on multiple digital displays


Large format screens and interactive screens

Printers and Copiers

Printers of all sizes, toner and ink

Touchless Meeting Room Solutions

Microsoft Teams | Lenovo Hub | Poly Studio | ScreenBeam

Returning to work was discussed in depth, agreeing that many organisations will be accelerating towards more flexible and remote working policies, limiting the number of employees on-site at any one time. This movement would increase the need for Teams Rooms to enable collaboration and communication with your remote colleagues to continue with enhanced Video Conferencing quality.

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Remote Working – Easy Set Up

An easy and simple tool kit to start working from home. Certified for use with MS Teams or Zoom, you can be set up in minutes to work remotely.

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Our hardware partners

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Hardware Upgrade Benefits:
  • We will always consider your businesses future growth by ensuring your solution is scalable.
  • Quicker loading times will improve your web performance.
  • Faster processing and responsiveness will improve your business productivity.
  • Meeting your employee technology expectations will increase morale and retention.
  • Increasing your productivity will save you money.
  • Digital transformation will meet your customer expectations and make your business more competitive.


David can help

Account Manager

“Comcen can provide cutting edge technology to our customers all over the UK. We can guide you through the options, and provide you with competitive pricing. We offer a quick turn around and pride ourselves on delivering time and time again. We can also help to support your network with our own engineers and service partners. The other big plus is that we are agnostic so we will not push you towards a specific manufacturer, we can supply them all!”
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Instead of buying hardware outright, you pay a monthly (or weekly, quarterly or whatever frequency suits) subscription for your hardware, across a huge range of vendors, whatever it is you need. 

At the end of the contract period, you either make a new deal, hand the equipment back or upgrade to the latest version of the product. Add in software, services and maintenance – it sounds like it’s getting more complicated, but in fact, it’s just as simple – everything can be placed under the same contract with one regular fee being paid.

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