www.comcen.co.uk  is much more than an
IT Reseller. 

We can provide you with the technological innovations and continued service support that will help your business adapt and grow.  

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Cloud Solutions

Remove time and distance barriers...

Communicate and access your files through the internet. Improve productivity and create better documents with digital collaboration. 

Managed Print

Reduce waste and save money...

Managed Print Services can help you to save money and resources by determining your 'printing use' versus your 'printing needs'.

Account Managers

Save time and save money...

Our IT and AV consultants can offer you top tier access to major manufacturers and pass on discounts to you. 

Audio Visual

Use all media to tell your story...

Comcen AV is a leading audio visual and unified communications supplier and installer with a strong and proven portfolio of products and services. 

IT Support

97% of problems fixed remotely...

A range of IT services, from managed services to IT support and maintenance - all combined with the low-cost flexibility of Cloud technology. 

Cyber Security

Feel safe knowing we're looking after your security...

Protecting your system from viruses, preventing your network from being hacked, recovering data and more. 

Services, Solutions, Smiles...

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