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Comcen can help you with Software Licence Optimisation because we understand software licensing models and we can help with free software audits to help you to maximise software use while minimising spend. 

Your business activities rely heavily on the critical applications or functionality provided by software packages that run on your company’s IT infrastructure. Because of this, working with a partner who understands the needs of your business can be as critical as the applications themselves. That is why, at Comcen, we take pride in the software services and solutions we can offer you.

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Software Licensing Benefits:
  • Software is important to your business productivity, it will enable your staff to work to maximum capacity.
  • The correct software can assist you with improving your resources, manageability and distribution to many devices.
  • You can pay for software as you use it, with different providers offering different licensing models.
  • In some cases, you can scales payment alongside business growth, seasons and/or events.
  • Working with our IT Consultants can offer you peace of mind, understanding of legal liability and fines, so you can rest assured that you are compliant.
  • Having a software licensing strategy can enable you to streamline purchasing, re-ordering and accounting.

What Can Microsoft Teams Do?

Teams is digital collaboration in chat, text, email, audio and/or video, bringing remote groups together to share ideas using the integrated Microsoft Office apps that we are all familiar with.

With Teams you can:

  • Manage contacts
  • Chat, call and video conference
  • Host meetings
  • Store and share files
  • Manage projects and work groups
  • Collaborate on documents
  • Customise shared workspace 
  • Integrate business applications

Teams can project manage our day, enabling us to communicate effectively, build great content and collaborate with anyone that we work with securely. 

You can use Teams across platforms – connect with Windows, Mac, iPad, mobile – android or iPhone. Even without the Teams download you can still access Teams through browsers Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

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Software Compliant

It is important that you purchase the correct number of licences needed for your business in order to be compliant.

IT Managers who are knowingly non-compliant can be held liable and prosecuted by the Federation Against Software Theft (FAST). If violated, software companies could charge back payment, block usage and/or gain ownership of everything produced using the software.

“For Microsoft® VL customers, it’s not a question of if they’ll be audited, but rather, when it will occur. The terms of the VL Agreements grant MS the right to perform an audit once each year with thirty days’ notice. MS has implemented a policy whereby Select, Open, and EA customers should expect an audit at least once every three years. This may take the form of a self-assessment or an onsite audit. If the audit reveals unlicensed usage of 5% or more than they have licensed, the customer will be required to pay the retail price for all unlicensed products plus the cost of the audit."  

Microsoft Software Licensing Audit: What they are looking for?
FAST Software Compliance


Karen can help

Account Manager

"Licensing is complicated with so many different agreement options, it’s often not clear what is the best route for a business to take.  On-premise licences can be transactional, perpetual or subscription based. Cloud licenses can be based on usage or number of end users. Along with all these different licensing models comes the management and monitoring which is difficult, but paramount. At Comcen we have the knowledge to help your business manage the complexities of licensing. We can advise on the correct agreements for your business/organisation, assist with software audits and help with deployments and migration, from the beginning to end."

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Software Licensing Models

Buying software has progressed from purchasing software upfront and paying the full price before use, to paying for software as you use it, using various models. This flexibility helps you to choose the correct payment option for your business and, in some cases, scale payment alongside business growth, seasons or events.


Subscription Model

Microsoft rent software over time also known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).


Pay-as-you-go Model

SolarWinds Mail Assure software, for example, aligns cost to use based on accesses, speed, capacity or data.

User model

User Model

Microsoft link cost to the number of users or devices connected to the software.

Infrastructure model

Infrastructure Model

Microsoft link cost to the size of the server enabling smaller companies to pay less when they start out with rising costs as the business grows.

Floating user model

Floating User Model

Companies pay for the number of users accessing at any one time, for example, engineering software like CAD could have two licenses that can be shared between staff. However, only two users may access the software at any one time.

Metrics model

Metrics Model

Similarly to the infrastructure model, Zoom costs are linked to company size or revenue, again enabling smaller companies to pay less now and scale up later.

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