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When will your business next security breach take place? It is alarming that business owners need to worry about 'when' not 'if' they are targeted.

The cost for cyber and data security breaches can weaken the reputation of a company from attackers accessing data, changing content, destroying valuable information and extorting money, all of which generally interrupt business as usual practices.

According to IT Governance there are three pillars of data security


Building awareness


Regularly reviewing procedures, processes, roles and responsibilities.


Utilising antivirus and malware software.

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Improved Support and IT Services with Pisys

We are delighted to announce that Comcen has joined forces with Pisys offering our customers improved IT support and security. 

Pisys meet all clients face-to-face and undertake regular IT reviews in order to understand your business and recommend the best way in which Pisys can support you.  The flexible delivery model means Pisys can adapt their services as your business changes. This doesn't just apply to our 30 day rolling contract. In most instances, this means growing with you as your business grows to ensure your IT is working to optimum levels and pre-empting IT issues before they occur.



New areas of concern come in the form of malware from devices such as mobile phones, USB and Bring Your Own devices (BYODs). Additionally, the downloading of files and employees sharing data externally are also risky practices that should be monitored.

Malware is designed to harm your computer and come in the form of: 

  • Botnets that infect internet-connected devices;
  • Ransomware attacks that encrypt your information for ransom;
  • Remote-Access Trojans use back-doors to gain access;
  • Bootkits and rootkits infect start-up codes;
  • Spyware monitor and harvest your personal information;
  • Viruses and Worms attach to computer files, replicate and spread.



The General Data Protection (GDPR) rightly draws attention to the importance of your customers' data, and the responsibility of businesses who use that data, to protect it. Businesses that put a strong emphasis on data protection have a competitive advantage in a world where data is one of the most valuable assets of business.

In 2018, the cyber-crime economy was estimated to be worth $1.5 trillion. Viruses that did not exist a few weeks ago could be robust enough to destroy your business in minutes. Security strategies need to be put in place at board level to track new regulations and take proactive actions alongside new types of cyber attacks.

Comcen can help you with protecting your data, systems, networks and programs.

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We can send you a free 'Dark Web Report' that will identify whether any of your organisation's credentials are for sale on the dark web. A scary insight or peace of mind during a time when cyber crime is on the rise. 

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Why is cyber security important?
  • Cyber-attacks can interrupt practices and bring down your business
  • Losing customer data will ruin your reputation
  • Ransomware holds your sensitive information to ransom
  • Cryptomining harnesses your processing power
  • All of which can incur big costs to your business!


Karen can help

Account Manager

"You should know that ransomware is trying to steal your data and malware is trying to encrypt all your files. You may not know that you are being hacked until your device has seriously slowed down and you are unable to perform simple tasks. The cost could destroy your business and reputation.

You may already have some antivirus or you may want complete cover? Comcen can find you a solutions based on different scenarios.

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Cyber Threats

Here are some common cyber threats (IT Governance)


Cybercriminals have remote access to your systems


Or 'cryptomining' harnesses your processing power.

DDos Attacks

Disrupting systems with more requests than they can handle.

DNS Posioning

Redirects your traffic to malicious sites


Harvest customer card details from payment forms.


Tricking you into sharing information through emails disguised as a legitimate company.

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