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Comcen AV is a leading audio visual and unified communications supplier and installer with a strong and proven portfolio of products and services.

Comcen AV’s experience and approved supplier status on various frameworks has provided us with a unique understanding of AV strategy, to deliver your state-of-the-art AV solutions that streamline and simplify sophisticated technology, meeting your objectives and budgets. 

The Comcen AV team can help you with video conferencing, digital signage and video walls, interactive screens, modern projectors, virtual reality, control systems and video surveillance.

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Touchless Meeting Room Solutions

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Returning to work was discussed in depth, agreeing that many organisations will be accelerating towards more flexible and remote working policies, limiting the number of employees on-site at any one time. This movement would increase the need for Teams Rooms to enable collaboration and communication with your remote colleagues to continue with enhanced Video Conferencing quality.

Corporate AV

Comcen recognises demands on businesses to meet the expectations of employees and customers when it comes to communication channels.

Advancement in audio visual technology has significantly improved the way your employees and customers can interact from the home or office.

Offices can benefit from improved video conferencing facilities within the boardroom to better connect with remote teams.  

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Benefits of AV in the workplace:
  • Meetings can take place without leaving the office eliminating travel costs, the time taken to travel to meetings, and therefore can be seen to be a more productive use of your teams time. 
  • AV technology can improve your communication methods and enable you to update content at the click of a button, keeping your messages current and making sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Remote working becomes an effective and realistic option so that you can widen your geographic location and hire the best talent. 
  • Traditional print is static, digital alternatives show video, social media updates, photos, news feeds and adverts, creating a dynamic content that engages with its audience.
  • AV technology is scalable. This means you can control displays from multiple locations within a single source via an existing network.

Rachel can help

Corporate AV Consultant

“Video conferencing has reached the stage where it is viewed as a necessity. Using cloud-based video software allows for cost-effectiveness, scalability and flexibility to meet your expanding communication needs. 

It’s a big move to use the cloud which can have great benefits. The usage of audio visual technology and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can positively impact your employees and your business at large. Interaction enhances comprehension, and you will have better trained and more engaged employees at your disposal. 

Audio visual installation is also a strategic method of saving operational costs  and time."

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Audio Visual

The Comcen AV team can help you with

Video Conference

Video Conferencing

Eliminate travel costs and time taken to travel to meetings.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Update content across sites at the click of a button, keeping your messages current.

Video Walls

Video Walls

Create a statement piece of  television sets tiled together for large format messages.

Interactive Screens

Interactive Screens

Used across all industries, a great tool to improve meeting and collaboration.

Control Systems

Control displays from multiple locations within a single source.

Video Surveillance

Improve security, capture and playback footage. Cloud storage is also an option.

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