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Comcen AV is a leading audio visual and unified communications supplier and installer with a strong and proven portfolio of products and services.

Comcen AV’s experience and approved supplier status on various frameworks has provided us with a unique understanding of AV strategy, to deliver your state-of-the-art AV solutions that streamline and simplify sophisticated technology, meeting your objectives and budgets. 

The Comcen AV team can help you with video conferencing, audio, visualcameras, entertainment systems, interactive whiteboards, telephones, lecterns, televisionsdigital signage, interactive technologies, modern projectors, and control systems.


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Benefits of AV in the workplace:
  • Widen your geographic location.
  • Eliminate travel costs.
  • Make more productive use of your teams time.
  • Improve your communication methods.
  • Create dynamic content and engage with your audience.
  • Control displays from multiple locations within a single source.

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