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BSI Refurbished Technology

Cost-effective and Sustainable without Compromise

Refurbished quality certified by the British Standards Institute
140+ variations of Laptops, Desktops and All-in-ones, to suite your needs
Prevent e-waste and avoiding CO2 by not buying new.
2-year warranty as standard
UK based facilities
Mark of Trust

Quality Assured

British Standards Institute (BSI) certified refurbished standard on all products.

Reliable Technology

2-year return to base warranty as standard, for your peace of mind.
Mark of Trust

Quality Assured

British Standards Institute (BSI) certified refurbished standard on all products.

Sustainable IT

Planting trees and donating to charity with every order, whilst also avoiding e-waste.

Cost-effective Range

Up to 60% cheaper than brand-new, with 140+ product variations.
United Kingdom

UK Facilities

All BSI refurbishment is completed in the UK by expert engineers

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The BSI Benchmark of Excellence in Refurbished Devices

Quality: BSI Accredited Refurbishment

  • Refurbished to world renowned British Standards Institute (BSI) quality by UK engineers.
  • Each product undergoes a strict and audited quality control process to ensure it meets the world’s most trusted mark of quality.
  • Rebuilt, not just refurbished. Fully tested and upgraded components.
  • Industry-leading hardware testing, necessary component replacements, hard-drive upgrades, and cosmetic finessing.
  • Consistent levels of quality available in large quantities.
  • BSI graded stock available to ship daily.

Positive Impact

For every purchase, a tree is planted, and a charitable donation made to minimise the products legacy social emissions impact.

We plant Mangroves in Madagascar. Creating jobs and enabling sustainability.

Planting a tree with Play It Green Eden has a carbon offset value of 73.8kg per tree.

Avoid CO2 emissions

The manufacture of laptops emits carbon.

You can prevent CO2 emissions by not buying new and encouraging a circular economy.

The original equipment manufacturers (OEM) supply each products carbon footprint.

A HP 840 G5 emits 290kg CO2eq. per unit manufactured. BSI refurbishment takes 15kg to process. So a total saving of 275kg CO2eq. per every unit.

Prevent E-waste

Enable the circular economy by stopping old IT from going to landfill.

We calculate an average weight of e-waste prevented based on original product specification sheets.

Preserve Water

From the refining and manufacture of a new laptop

Brunel University conducted a study of water consumption at manufacture of a 5kg laptop. As the average weight of a laptop is 2.5kg, we halved the study for accuracy.

Preserve 95,696 litres of water per unit, by purchasing BSI refurbished.

Prevent Production Waste

Every manufacture of IT creates waste from the production and refinement process of raw materials.

Avfall Sverige, a Swedish waste management authority, conducted a study showing the production waste at 1,200kg per every laptop.