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Comcen and are going to be moving to a four-day working week from April 2022 with flexibility to adapt to staff and working requirements.“If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that previous hesitancy concerning changing working practices have been quashed. We have adapted and created a virtual workspace and so there is an argument to be made that modern technology has significantly sped up the way we work, and that the five-day week is no longer necessary.” – Dave Matthews, Group Managing Director at Comcen.


“Studying for my MBA at Warwick University Business School, has afforded me the opportunity not only to learn top tier business skills, from a world class faculty, but to work with a cohort of bright and talented people from around the world. This truly gives you a global perspective on leadership, management and strategy. I believe that the pandemic has changed things in the world of work; talking with our colleagues we know that work life balance is now more important than ever, we at Comcen and, believe strongly that our team and our company will all benefit from this new way of working.
This year Comcen will celebrate 40 years in business, we have seen a great deal in that time, technology changing, competitors coming and going, a recession or two, good times and bad, but we are looking forward into a brighter and more innovative future and this is just the start of more to come.”

Dave Matthews, Group Managing Director at Comcen

Its about Employee Happiness

Response from overjoyed employees from Comcen and have given feedback on their appreciation regarding the four-day working week.

"This is absolutely amazing!" - Rodica, Customer Services

Employees are filled with happiness as they can spend more time with the family and make time for themselves. Frank, AV Consultant said "I absolutely adore time with my children and the decision to move to a 4-day week is out of this world. Just telling my young son and watching his little face light up was priceless.”

Teamwork and dedication to succeeding at job roles ensures the work will still be completed with reduced working hours.“ I see this improving how we work together - teamwork!” – Jason, Help Desk Manager,

“For me I’d say it’s nice to be trusted by your employers to do your job.” – Phill, Sales Manager, Comcen

“Really Happy, it’s nice to work for a company that considers peoples wellbeing and the importance of a good work life balance. I honestly think people will work harder to ensure they are more productive.” – Karen, Technology Account Manager

4 Day Week

The Future of Work

With hybrid working becoming a growing trend since the Coronavirus, it has given employers a chance to see how the productivity levels differ with employees. Comcen has seen productivity levels grow and the majority employees find working from home the new normal.

Comcen are celebrating their 40th Anniversary on April 1st and looking towards the next 40 years. Technology is advancing working environments which opens the flexibility to work from almost anywhere. With a hard-working team and determination to succeed both Comcen and are positive about the future.

The Next 40 Years

The initiative will launch at the beginning of April to coincide with Comcen's 40th Anniversary on April 1st, looking towards the next 40 years.

“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life” – Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft

4 Day Week

4 Day Working Week Benefits

Helping our employees to enjoy happier lives while fulfilling careers:

Outdoor Brackets

Decreased Stress

LED Tiling

Increased Satisfaction

Digital Signage

Increased Productivity

Digital Hand Sanitiser

Improved Team Work

Transparent Colour Television

Better Work / Life Balance

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We are currently looking for new members to join Comcen and If you have a passion for technology and would like to join our incredible team then check out our latest job vacancies!

Our employment package includes: 4 day week with full time pay, excellent pension, training and accreditations, hybrid working, additional days holiday for every year of employment up to 25 days, charity and community events, well-being programme, discounted technology and friendly happy colleagues. IT Systems Engineer

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